Nathan Rice

Nathan Rice is one of the elders of Pillar Bible Fellowship. He was born in the Willamette Valley of Oregon where he was trained up in the ways of the Lord by faithful parents who regularly participated with the church. He was saved at the age of 9 and grew in faith, especially when he committed to daily Bible reading at the beginning of his 9th grade year. In high school his family relocated to the upper Hood River Valley where the city life was traded in for life on the farm.

Upon completing his senior year Nathan was admitted to Oregon State University and there he earned an undergraduate degree in Agriculture. It was during this four-year time frame that Nathan married his wife Vanessa who was also from the Hood River Valley. Together they carefully prayed over their post college opportunities and trusted God’s leading of Nathan into a career with the United States Marine Corps as an Officer.

With orders in hand the next eleven years were spent serving the nation at a number of various locations. During those years Vanessa worked as a retail pharmacist and Nathan continued in leadership and aviation roles. As this time period was drawing to a close, the Lord added three children to their lives, Hannah, Emily, and Benjamin. During the last four years of active duty it was clear that the unique opportunity to return to Parkdale and farm the land Vanessa’s family had acquired was becoming increasingly realistic. Through faithful Christian friends the opportunity was prayed over, considered, and ultimately pursued.

One of the biggest challenges facing Nathan through this whole process was how he was going to answer the question of where his family would worship God in the Hood River Valley. God being always faithful had a solution, because God knew 2011, the year they moved back, was the appointed time to start a new church in the area. Nathan, from a young age, had it in his mind to one day seek the noble task of being an overseer in the Lord’s church. As Pillar Bible Fellowship started gathering together it became apparent that the time had come to submit himself to be evaluated as an elder candidate. In August 2015 the church leadership added him to the plurality of elders to care for the precious blood bought church.

Since Nathan has been back in the Hood River area he has been working as an orchardist and has maintained a connection to the military through the Oregon Air National Guard. Vanessa and he have been blessed with an additional three children: Joseph, David, and Jonathan. Recently Nathan has been pursuing additional tools for ministry by working through some courses with Western Seminary. It is the joy of Nathan’s life to serve his family in a Christ-like manner and likewise to serve the church. God has been doing an amazing ministry through Pillar Bible Fellowship, and Nathan is immensely blessed to be working for God’s glory through the local church.